About Us

Gourmet Gold Dust became a special addition to our family meals nearly 30 years ago.  It has always been made with love and care for the enjoyment of friends and family.  There is a long process of drying and curing, all done by hand.  Gourmet Gold Dust will continue to be hand-made while being offered to other families.  Our dedication to quality may make a slower production of the final shaker of Gourmet Gold Dust, but quality will always be our goal.

Recently, our head chef, Lennette (mom), retired from Gourmet Gold Dust and we are thankful for the spirit and care which inspired the Gourmet Gold Dust experience for all of us. Do you remember the first time you had Gourmet Gold Dust or Rush?

Share a word if you have a minute with Lennette. You can email her at Gourmetgd@gmail.com as she loves to hear your stories!!